Catering Menu


Oven Fresh Baked Goods

Item: Name: Description: Price:
1 Breakfast basket Assortment of fresh daily baked pastries served with assorted jams, butter and cream cheese 2.49pp
2 Bagel basket A wide variety of fresh baked bagels (plain, whole wheat, sesame and cinnamon raisin) 2.49pp
3 Coffee cake sampler Choose from blueberry corn, lemon poppy seed, blueberry, orange chocolate chip 2.49pp
4 French basket Homemade stuffed croissants (ham and swiss, turkey havarti and ham and brie) and slices of freshly baket baguettes served with assorted jams 2.95pp

Hot Breakfast a La Carte

5 Scrambled eggs Scrambled eggs 3.25pp
6 Apple smoked bacon Apple smoked bacon 1.95pp
7 Turkey sausage Turkey sausage 1.95pp
8 Home fries Home fries 1.95pp
9 Egg sandwiches Egg sandwiches 5.25pp
10 Veggie quiche 1 Homemade -spinach & cheddar (serves 6 people) 29.00 each
11 Veggie quiche 2 Homemade -roasted veggies (serves 6 people) 29.00 each
12 Veggie quiche 3 Homemade -broccoli & swiss (serves 6 people) 29.00 each
13 Bacon & broccoli quiche Homemade -bacon & broccoli (serves 6 people) 29.00 each
14 Lorraine quiche Homemade -ham and swiss (serves 6 people) 29.00 each

Morning Packages

15 Morning Package 1 Assorted pastries and bagels with jam, butter, cream cheese, and a choice between our house blend coffee, dark roast, or tea 4.10pp
16 Morning Package 2 Continental breakfast of assorted pastries, orange juice, and coffee 5.60pp
17 Morning Package 3 Breakfast basket filled with our in house baked pastries and bagels, fresh brewed coffee, and a bowl of fruit and berry salad 6.99pp
18 Morning Package 4 Scrambled eggs, apple smoked bacon, sausage, basket of bagels, a coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice 8.95pp
*add fruit salad to any Morning Package for 2.50 or fruit tray

Fresh Fruits and Parfaits

19 Fruit salad Bite size seasonal fruit 3.25pp
20 Fruit platter Nicely sliced and well arranged seasonal fruits garnished with fresh berriest 3.60pp
21 Fruit skewers Seasonal skewered cubed fruits served with honey lemon yogurt dip 3.50pp
22 Granola & berry parfait Low fat strawberry yogurt or Greek yogurt topped with organic granola and mixed berries. 2.95pp

Hot & Cold Beverages

23 Joe to Go Dark roast or house blend (serves 10-12pp) 18.00 each
24 Large cambro Dark roast or house blend (serves 50-60pp) 70.00 each
25 Tea on the Go Moroccan mint, English Breakfast, Blue flower, Earl Grey, Lemon -Camomile, Jasmine (serves 10-12pp) 18.00 each
26 Orange juice Odwalla fresh squeezed orange juice 8.95/half gallon
27 Odwalla smoothies Individual bottles of fresh smoothies 3.60 each
28 Nantucket nectars Orange, Mango, Cranberry, apple, kiwi berry, Orangina and Vitamin Water 2.45 each
29 Waters and Sodas Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Perier and Poland Spring Water 1.80 each


Sandwich Basket

30 Sandwich basket Made with our fresh baked breads stuffed with our wide range of sliced meats, cheeses, veggies, lettuce and tomatoes 6.69 each
-Deli Meats: smoked turkey, honey ham, roast beef, grilled chicken, tuna salad, chicken salad, roasted portobella, hummus, fresh mozzarella and pesto chicken salad
-Condiments: cranberry honey mustard, basil pesto, sundried tomato pesto, basil mayo, mayo, sprouts, cucumbers, red onions, roasted red peppers, shredded carrots and kalamata olives
-Cheeses: cheddar, swiss, provolone, brie, dill havarti, Smoked Gouda, Asiago and Feta.
-BREADS: french baguette, multigrain baguette, rosemary foccacia, ciabatta, whole wheat tortilla and tomato tortilla..

Speciality Wraps

31 Smoked turkey gouda wild greens, smoked turkey, smoked gouda, shredded carrots, dried cranberries mixed balsamic vinaigrette on a sundried tomato wrap 6.89 each
32 Chicken Caesar savory roasted chicken, fresh cut romaine, shredded Romano, homemade croutons, lemon Caesar dressing on a whole wheat wrap 6.89 each
33 Pesto chicken salad & brie chicken salad, wild greens, tomatoes, brie cheese, basil pesto and sprouts on a sun-dried tomato wrap 6.89 each
34 Greek wrap feta cheese, kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, cucumbers, wild greens, tomato with greek dressing on a whole wheat wrap 6.89 each

Speciality Sandwiches

35 Tuscan chicken savory chicken breast, fresh mozzarella, basil pesto, wild greens, roasted red pepper and tomatoes on ciabatta bread 6.99 each
36 Hummus Roasted veggie Homemade hummus, tomato, romaine lettuce with a splash of balsamic on your choice of multigrain bread or a whole wheat wrap 6.99 each
37 Tomato mozz Fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, roasted portobello, basil pesto and tomato on ciabatta 6.99 each
38 Smoked turkey havarti Smoked turkey, havarti cheese, tomato, cucumber, wild greens with cranberry honey mustard on french bread 6.99 each

Grilled Panini & Wrap tray

39 Chicken Pomodoro 7.10 each
40 Turkey Reuben 7.10 each
41 Ham and Brie 7.10 each
42 Smoked Turkey Apple 7.10 each
43 Savory Chicken Salad 7.10 each
44 Turkey Havarti 7.10 each
45 Turkey Baby Spinach 7.10 each
46 Chicken Asiago 7.10 each
47 Tuna Melt 7.10 each
48 BBQ Chicken & Apple 7.10 each
49 Portobello with Fresh Mozza 7.10 each
50 Chicken Santa-Fe 7.10 each
51 Chicken Arugula 7.10 each
52 Italian Club 7.10 each
* All of our paninis are grilled on our rustic Italian, ciabatta bread, grilled honey wheat and sun-dried tomato tortilla.

Luncheon Packages

53 PACKAGE 1 Assorted deli sandwiches with a green salad and cookie basket 10.50pp
54 PACKAGE 2 Luncheon basket with assorted sandwiches, green salad, pasta salad and sweet basket 11.95pp
55 PACKAGE 3 Executive luncheon basket with an assortment of signature sandwiches and specialty wraps, green salad, pasta or potato salad and cookie and brownie basket 12.10pp
56 PACKAGE 4 A tray of chefs selection grilled panini and wraps served with a choice of a gourmet salad, green salad and a basket of cookies and brownies 12.35pp
* Add bags of chips to any luncheon basket for 1.10 each

Box Lunches

57 By the charles box lunch Deli sandwich, fresh baked cookie, whole fruit and a bag of chips 10.59 each
58 Executive box lunch Specialty sandwich or wrap, fresh baked cookie, whole fruit and bag of chips 10.99 each
59 Alternative box lunch Any of our individual topped salads, fresh baked cookie, whole fruit and bag of chips 11.69 each

New York Style Deli Trays

60 All American Honey ham, roast beef, smoked turkey, roasted chicken, swiss and cheddar cheeses 6.99pp
61 Mediterranean Herbed grilled chicken, roasted veggies, olives, hummus, tabouli, feta and pita bread 6.99pp
62 Italian Spread Honey ham, salami, pesto chicken salad, fresh mozzarella, provolone, roasted red peppers, olives, marinated artichoke hearts and basil pesto 6.99pp
* All of our deli trays are served with a condiments and a basket of sandwich breads

Gourmet Salads

63 Classic potato salad Red bliss potato with diced red peppers, Vidalia onion and fresh parsley tossed in a red wine vinegar mayo dressing 2.95pp
64 Oven Roasted potato salad Roasted bliss potatoes with red onions, red peppers, fresh rosemary tossed in a homemade balsamic vinaigrette 2.95pp
65 Rotini pesto Rotini pasta with shredded carrots, julienne peppers with homemade basil pesto 2.95pp
66 Greek penne Al dente penne tossed with crumbled feta, kalamata olives, shopped tomatoes and diced cucumbers in a creamy Greek dressing 2.95pp
67 Cumin orzo Pacific street cafe favorite, in a lemon cilantro cumin vinaigrette with cooked al dente orzo, scallions diced red peppers and cucumbers, fresh cilantro and lemon wedges for garnish. 2.95pp
68 Moroccan beet salad Roasted fresh beets with diced red onions and cilantro in a cumin olive oil lemon juice vinaigrette 2.95pp
69 Simple veggies Oven roasted Brussel sprouts, Spanish onions, Button Mushrooms, Red Peppers and olive oil marinated in a Moroccan spices and oven roasted 3.75pp

Green Salads

70 Baby green Wild greens topped with gorgonzola, walnuts, and dried cranberries 2.85pp
71 Garden salad Baby greens topped with sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, alpha, sprouts and shredded carrots. 2.85pp
72 Lemon Caesar Hand cut fresh romaine lettuce topped with homemade croutons, shredded roman and lemon slices served with creamy caesar dressing. 2.85pp

Gourmet Topped Salads

73 Pesto chicken salad Rotini pesto salad tossed with slices of grilled chicken breast 4.95pp
74 Chef salad Our house salad topped with sliced smoked turkey, honey ham and swiss cheese 4.95pp
75 Pacific street tuna salad Our garden salad topped with scoops of tuna salad garnished with lemon wedges 4.95pp
76 Pacific street chicken salad Our garden salad topped with our all white meat chicken salad. 4.95pp
77 Chicken Caesar salad Lemon caesar salad topped with grilled chicken 4.95pp
*All our gourmet salad are served also individually as a meal replacement in 32 oz. Container at 7.75 each.


78 Chicken charmoula Grilled chicken marinated in a Moroccan olive oil vinaigrette with roasted eggplant tomato olive sauce. 10.49pp
79 Chicken tagine Grilled chicken breast marinated in a Rass el Hanout seven spices with Artichokes, fresh lemons, tomatoes, fresh Garlic, Cilantro and Olive oil served with rice 10.49pp
80 Chicken au citron Grilled and marinated chicken tenders in a lemon olive oil sauce with a Artichokes, fresh lemon, fresh Cilantro & Parsley, Capers, fresh Garlic, Spanish Onion, Tumeric, Bay Leaf and Paprika served over rice. 10.49pp
81 Moroccan Chicken Marinated chicken in authentic Moroccan spices with raisins and caramelized onions. Served over couscous or rice 10.49pp
82 Chicken marbella BEST SALLER for our both retail locations and catering ,Tender chicken breast marinated overnight in a apple juice and cider vinegar with olive oil dry Prunes, Brown, Capers, Bay Leaf, Oregano and Parsley served with rice. 10.49pp
83 North african beef stew Tender chunks of lean beef and carrots slow simmered in a rasa el 7anout spices , caramelized onions and roasted tomatoes served over rice 10.90pp
84 Homade meatloaf Roasted red peppers and parmesan cheese combine with tomato sauce to give a new twist to this old favorite. Served with mashed potatoes and gravy 10.90pp
85 Mediterranean pot roast Traditional moroccan pot roasted with with cumin cilantro olive oil fresh tomato sauce served with mashed potatoes 10.90pp
86 Grilled steak tips Marinated in our BBQ sauce, grilled and served with roasted potatoes and vegetable medley 10.90pp
87 Moroccan kefta Moroccan Meatballs in a charmoula eggplant sauce served with pasta or rice 10.90pp
88 Jumbo stuffed shells Jumbo shells stuffed with a blend of 3 cheeses in a homemade marinara sauce and oven roasted broccoli. Topped with shredded mozzarella and Romano cheeses 9.95pp
89 Garden Vegetable cheese tortellini Tri color cheese tortellini in a creamy tomato sauce topped with melted mozzarella cheese 9.95pp
90 Homemade vegetable lasagna Layers of roasted veggies, marinara and a 3 cheese blende 9.95pp
91 Baked ziti Traditional Italian recipe combines ziti, ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan baked in a hearty homemade tomato sauce 9.95pp
92 Baked Manicotti A rolled pasta stuffed with ricotta and Romano cheeses and baked in a sun dried tomato pesto sauce topped with oven roasted broccoli and mozzarella cheese 9.95pp
93 Homemade Meat Lasagna Layers of homemade meat sauce, 3 cheese blend and pasta topped with marinara and mozzarella 9.95pp
*Add a green salad 1.50pp *Add a bread basket 1.25pp *Add roasted balsamic veggies 2.95pp



94 Fruit & cheese Selection of imported and domestic cheeses, seasonal fruits and berries. Served with herb crostinis 4.49pp
95 Crudite sampler Fresh cut vegetables served with a herb cheese dip 3.49pp
96 Hummus & pita tray Pita point chips with authentic hummus 3.49pp
97 Antipasto tray A Tuscan afternoon treat offering marinated artichoke hearts, salami, honey ham, fresh mozzarella, olives, roasted peppers and pesto sauce served with crostinis 4.75pp
98 Guacamole tray Fresh avocado, diced tomato and chopped jalapeños 3.49pp
99 Homemade salsa Fire roasted green peppers, sweet onion, fresh cilantro, diced tomatoes and chopped jalapeños 3.25pp
100 Chicken satay Chicken skewers marinated in a teriyaki glaze and served with peanut sauce 26.95/doz
101 Spinach phyllo triangle Spinach, herbs and feta wrapped in phyllo dough 22.00/doz
102 Shrimp kabob Marinated shrimp in a mustard caper vinaigrette 28.00/doz
103 Fresh mozzarella bruschette Kabob style mini mozzarella balls marinated and skewered with cherry tomatoes, green and red peppers. 18.00/doz
104 Stuffed mushrooms Large button mushrooms stuffed with a vegetable meat filling 22.00/doz


105 Cookie basket Mixture of freshly baked cookies including chocolate chip, peanut butter chunk, heath bar crunch and oatmeal raisin 2.10pp
106 Brownie bar basket An assortment of freshly baked brownies and blondes Chocolate Covered Strawberries 2.65pp
107 Mini cookies & brownie bites An assortment of mini cookies and small brownies. 2.30pp
108 Sweet basket A mixture of our freshly baked cookies and brownies 3.65pp
109 Fine pastry sampler Sampler of our cheesecake, chocolate cake, snicker pie and chocolate truffle cake 4.75pp
110 Whole cakes & pies We offer a wide variety of cakes and seasonal pies that will fit any occasion


By returning your basket you can help the environment and get 1.00 basket credit toward your next event. We request 24 to 48 hours notice, but we will gladly help you with your last minute needs.